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11/13/2008 7:20:07 PM

Forum update: 11.13.2008 (The addition of title prefixes)

New Update as of 11.13.2008. This update includes the addition of title prefixes and site performance fixes. [b]Note: This thread is not trying to explain how the title system works. For elaborate theories regarding the title system [url=]see this thread[/url][/b]. [quote][/quote] [u]PREFIXES FOR BASE TITLES[/u] [quote][i](in no specific order)[/i] with definitions [u]Prefixes related to ban history or simply an absence of such[/u] [b]Honorable[/b] - [i]worthy of honor and high respect[/i] [b]Noble[/b] - [i]pertaining to persons so distinguished[/i] [b]Exalted[/b] - [i]To praise, or honor[/i] [u]Prefixes related to join date[/u] [b]Veteran[/b] - [i]a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like[/i] [b]Senior[/b] - [i]older; of higher or the highest standing[/i] [b]Elder[/b] - [i]greater than another in age or seniority[/i] [u]Prefixes related to forum activity[/u] [b]Absent[/b] - [i]not in a certain place at a given time; away[/i] [b]Intrepid[/b] - [i]resolutely fearless[/i] [b]Fabled[/b] - [i]celebrated in fables; myth or legend[/i] [i]Example: Honorable Heroic Member, Exalted Mythic Member, etc.[/i] [u]Priority Order for Title Prefixes (in order from lowest to highest)[/u] (Priority comes into play only when a user qualifies for more than one member title) 1. [b]Absent[/b] 2. [b]Veteran[/b] 3. [b]Honorable[/b] 4. [b]Senior[/b] 5. [b]Noble[/b] 6. [b]Elder[/b] 7. [b]Intrepid[/b] 8. [b]Fabled[/b] 9. [b]Exalted[/b] More info when it's available.[/quote] [quote][/quote] [b][u]Informative posts[/u][/b] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Achronos Veteran, Senior, and the other one you haven't seen are for long lasting members. Honorable, Noble, and Exalted are for people who've maintained a relatively clean ban history (within increasingly strict parameters and longer amounts of time). Intrepid and Fabled have to do with forum activity All 9 titles are on a scale of priority, so if you qualify for more than one, the system picks the "highest" in the scale (although Honorable and Noble are in the wrong place right now, they'll get fixed tomorrow). These prefixes are computed completely seperately from the main titles of Member, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic... except if you get banned or have a negative trust value for whatever reason, in which case your prefix is cleared. Right now, the scale is a little off, this will be fixed tomorrow and some people will get their titles adjusted... both up and down. Hopefully that clears up things a little bit. [/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Achronos The 3 ban related prefixes have different requirements, varying time and allowed ban lengths/counts. Exalted is considered "the highest" because you can't get any bans or warnings of any kind for quite a long time, which is harder than just being a member for a long time. [/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Achronos The way the titles work is that the new "prefixes" are independent of the main "mythic/legendary/heroic" titles. Each of prefixes means something different, some relate to account age, some relate to ban history, some relate to forum history, etc. The "base" titles haven't changed, although the criteria to get them has. The system is still updating for some of you, so it is possible that your base title will change over the next 48 hours (higher or lower). However, a big change is that once it settles, it should be much more predictable (the rating isn't relative to every other user anymore, it is a fixed scale, i.e., get X trust, get A title, get Y trust, get B title, etc.)[/quote] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Achronos Nope, Veteran has nothing to do with bans, it just means you have one of the several prefixes that mean you have an older account. I just tweaked the math a bit so that it will normalize a bit higher (meaning more people will have higher titles, right now there are only about 67 mythics, for example - I want it low, but not that low). Two of the prefixes are also not showing up hardly ever, whereas one of them is showing up way too often (a little prioritization bug when you qualify for more than one prefix). By the way, since someone asked before - this release was mostly a performance related set of fixes. We made LOTS of under the hood changes to the database to fix a lot of lingering performance problems. One of them specifically is the random exceptions that happen when you're trying to post - those should be greatly reduced, if not gone. We'll see, of course, but that was the larger point here. The titles, as I said before, changed as part of this performance work - consider it "an added bonus" to a hotfix release where you probably wouldn't have otherwise seen any big differences. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] sesquipadelian i have not looked around, but my guess is that veteran is low in terms of fanciness and results from at least a handful of bans. but, that is based only on the fact that that description matches my own history and title.[/quote][/quote] [Edited on 11.18.2008 9:09 PM PST]

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