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10/26/2008 11:21:35 PM

Choose your own horror (for reals this time!)

Alright, some of you may recall [url=]this thread[/url] in which I essentially took a character, gave him zombies, and made the whole thing a total farce. That was all well and good, but I think I owe you guys something a bit more serious this time around.  I know I've been saying this for months now, but this could literally be the last thing I write on this board before I'm gone. So, in the spirit of Halloween, I give you the revamped (pun intended) and revisited "Choose your own adventure"...horror style.(All rules in [url=]this thread[/url] still apply) ----------------- Kevin woke up with a throbbing headache.  He could barely remember anything about last night.  All he knew was that he had gotten drunk, met a girl, it was a full moon, and then everything else was blank. Vomiting in the toilet made his hangover a little better, but he still felt sick.  When he looked in the mirror, Kevin's eyes were drawn to several long scratches on his neck.  He shrugged, figuring it must have been a wild night. He walked into the next room and sat down on the sofa.  The television was already on and Kevin saw a breaking news story about some sick people in Los Angelas.  He changed the channel.  [i]Everyone's sick in Los Angelas[/i] he thought to himself. To his surprise, the same news story was playing on that channel, and every other channel he flipped through.  "What's this?"  he muttered.The newsanchor was in the middle of a sentence, "to please head straight to the hospital.  Proper measures will be taken to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you." At that moment there was a knock in the door.  Kevin opened it to see several polices officers standing before him with grim expressions on their faces." something wrong?" The officer closest to him nodded, "We need you to report to the hospital."  Eyeing his neck, the officer suddenly drew his baton, "Please don't resist us, we're trying to help you." "Uh huh," Kevin said slowly, staring at the baton with a heightened sense of anticipation. [i]Should Kevin:1. Resist the officers.2. Go to the hospital peacefully.[/i] [Edited on 10.26.2008 3:23 PM PDT]
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