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6/16/2004 1:05:46 AM

Crazy Stories here ATTN: Green Chief

OK, So green chief had a crazy story of some russina wacko attacking him.. here is mine, minus the russians and hot chicks. When i was a teenager My buddies and I rode dirtbikes and Quads to pass the time. We lived in a small poedunk town in the mountains called Tehachapi. Dirtbikes were the best thing to do besides drink and get girls pregnant, no kiddin. So I had a Quad at the time, and two of my buddies are one bikes riding with me. I wanted to show them a new trail out behind my house that went way up the mountain range right behind the house. Here was the catch, there was a gate blocking the main road in. I had traveled the fence line way around the gate and found the fence to be on the ground due to lack of maintence. So the three of us go riding up these small fireroads throught some trees and very nice views. At one point we change from heading east to heading west as we go around the backside of the ridge. The property back here was backed up to a local campground. The road we were on tied into another road from the west and went down to the bottom of the ridge, on the edge of the valley. At this point we had to stop because the gate was locked. The three of us killed our engines and sat enjoying the beauty of the moment. In the Valley there was a bunch of Renaissance looking tents, and we later learned that a renaissance group from la that does a private fair once a year. Anyways, one of the Campground workers saw us, and after sitting there for a few min we saw this full size Ford F350 quadcab with a Workbox instead of a bed hauling butt up the road towards us. You could tell this guy was in a hurry, and the only destination was right where we were sitting. Needless to say we understood it would not be a friendly visit, we left in such a hurry my friends didn't get their helmets on. On the way up the hill the leading bike went a different way than we had come turning west. At the top of the hill i stopped them and said I had no idea where that trail went, and that we should turn back the other way. They said they did not care where it went, i figured it had not been long enough for the Ford driver to have opened up the gate with the lock and all, so i headed down the road. This is where is gets good. All of a sudden the Ford is comming up the hill so fast that the rear end is fishtailing as he comes around a steep sweeping turn. I tried to flip a -blam!-, and ended up rolling my quad due to the steepness of the road, a very steep grade. I had some adrenaline boost, stood up and stopped the rolling quad and flipped it over(still would not believe it myself if my friends didn't tall me so). By the time I jumped on the bike, the Ford pulled infront of me, the driver jumped out, and let me tell you, his face was bright red, he looked as if we just killed his wife and raped his daughter, i mean mad. So, he jumps out, grabs the shouldpad of my chest protector with his left hand while holding the steering wheel with his right. I firgured he was gonna beat me up or something, i was fairly skinny back then. The guy failed to press his parking brake or even put the vehicle in Park so due to the steepness of the road again, that huge truck started rolling backwards. The guy was soo mad he would not let go of me or the steering wheel, this was soon to change as the weight of the vehicle literaly tore him off me and drug him down the hill with the truck. Stunned i watched him let go of the wheel causing the tires to turn, the truck bounced off the road and literealy bouced 3 feet in the air as it backed over a huge tree stump at what looked to be about 15 to 20 miles per hour. The red faced man rolled down the hill, and that was the last thing I was. Without discussion we took the route we had never been on before. Lucky for us it took us near where we wanted to go. Aftermath: One of my buddies who was with us has a dad who owns a septic pumping business. That day, his dad was working the event draining the poo outta the porta potties. He asked Levi (my friend) if the three of us had been riding up near the campgrounds that day. Levi Lied of course and said no. His dad then explained how the guy broke his arm and had to be rushed to the hospital once he wobbled back to the campground... Who knows what kind of damage was done to the undercarraige of the truck. We never went up that trail again... discuss:
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