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10/19/2008 1:16:35 AM

I use the "GENERAL" button layout... *Final?: SHISHKA*

Ever play against a General in matchmaking and get out BR'd every time? Do they somehow defy the confines and laws of the game? Do you find yourself about to kill one when they pull out their sniper and headshot you? Do Generals have special powers? Not quite... I sat down with my good friend, [url=]Father786[/url] (a General, I might add) and asked him how he suddenly became a beast at this game when he got his "wreathe-and-two-stars". I assumed that he was good at Halo 3 because of his "skill". Boy was I wrong... It turns out that the reason Generals are so good is because they use the "GENERAL" control layout. When Father told me this, I did not believe him. Using his General powers, he let me get a look at this truly schweet control layout. This control layout can be viewed [url=]here.[/url] He informed me that this control scheme unlocks when you reach the level of "General". Father told me to NEVER tell anyone about this control layout, because then people would judge the Generals of Halo 3. He said people would make biased statements about this control scheme. I respectfully disagree. I told him that the people of didn't judge people based on rank, and that most players had the utmost respect for those good enough to get to General. So now you know the truth behind the everyday General's so called "skill". ----- If you read this far and believe I was serious in any manner, doom on you (This was a joke). The button layout was photoshopped by me. The picture I used [url=]looked like this[/url] ----- This freaking awesome picture came to be when my friend in RL, [url=]Corsair314[/url], and I were talking about button layouts and times we got raped in Halo 3. I suggested they were using a special button layout, and we got a few laughs. The next day, he comes to Chemistry class with [url=]this[/url] concept on the back of a homework calendar (Yeah, I know it is hard to read). I suggested that it was a wonderful idea, and told him I could photoshop it and make it look real. He was 'very excite'. That's the story, and here we are... A special thanks go out to my friend Corsair314 for all his great ideas... Because I am releasing the template for the button layouts, I wanted to let you know I created a group for everyone to post their button layouts and discuss how awesome the original ones are... [url=]I use the GENERAL layout[/url] Button Layouts: ----- [url=][/url] [url=][.psd][/url] [url=][/url] [url=]<56K DIAL UP>[/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=]

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