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10/2/2008 2:57:53 AM

GREAT idea for new playlist, any mods or employees please read. 350+!

[quote][i]"I love this idea, it would make a great playlist!"[/i][/quote] [i]UPDATE***: everyone keep up your replies, we must let Shishka see this![/i] [i]UPDATE II***: Everyone please PM Shishka a [url=]Link[/url] to this thread, it would be deeply appreciated.[/i] [i]UPDATE III***: if a Moderator would pin this, that would mean Shishka would see this, so Mods, i love you guys, pin this for 3 days and im sure Shishka will see it![/i] Hello everyone MET4LLICA here, and iv'e got an idea for a new Social playlist that everyone will love! Now we all know social slayer, 4 on 4 games of Slayer, Slayer BR's [i]....Snooze[/i] But, every now and then you get the "Specialty" game of Rockets or Snipers and everyone always enjoys those! So...thats what im proposing to you and the rest of the communitty! [i][b][u]A playlist devoted exclusively to "specialty" Games![/i][/b][/u] A list of possible Game types: [i]Swords Hammers Shotty Snipers or Team Snipers Rockets Grifball SWAT Magnums perhaps? Team Shotguns (please leave any Game Types you think are good and i will add them!)[/i] USER IDEAS: [i]Fiesta[/i] [i]Nades & Spades[/i] [i]3 Ball[/i] [i](Idea by me) Phantom Pistols, 1 life per round and 5 rounds, 1 shot kill and plasma pistols only[/i] [i]Living dead perhaps?[/i] [i]World series, see bottom of page 5 under flav92's post for details[/i] [i]Tower of Power, (would need a custom map)[/i] [i]Nuttin' but nades, (see middle of page 7 for details)[/i] [i]Covie Carbines, oposite of team BR's, plasma rifle and carbine start![/i] It would be 4 on 4, or 3 on 3. (Just like TS except Social!) tell me what you think! [u][i]Thread Contributors:[/u][/i] FLaV92-for co-creating, continuing support and encouragment! Piles of Ril3S-for co-creating the idea and support DJMcG9-continuing support Armedimp-Great guy and support [quote][u][b]TO CLEAR THINGS UP[/u][/b][/quote] Although im sure lots of people have thought about this, i created this thread entirely on the thoughts of me and a couple friends, i did not copy anything anyone has ever said. if i did, point it out and remember, [quote]IT WAS A COINCIDENCE[/quote] [Edited on 10.01.2008 10:28 PM PDT]

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