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9/28/2008 10:23:51 PM

Choose your own adventure! *Now with more blood!*

Alright, due to the popular consensus that this Forum won't be around much longer, I thought I'd give you guys one last glimpse of my brilliance, and the oppurtunity to participate in it! So, if you haven't done one of these with me before, here's how it works: I write a segment of the story and give you a list of choices that the character(s) could make next. Some choices might be menial like opening a door vs. opening a chest, and other's might be disastrous like fighting with a shotgun vs. fighting with a tooth pick. So be smart with what you choose! And speaking of being smart... [u]Rules[/u] 1. The first person to respond with a choice is the one I'll choose. You can argue and bicker all you want, but that's that. If some dick decides to come ruin the game...well then, it's your fault for supporting that kind of behavior all these years. 2. Don't demand me to be inhumanly consistent. It's likely that I could go hours, or even days without posting another segment. No, you cannot offer to take over the job for me while I'm gone. No, I will not accept answers over PMs. No, you cannot be in the story nor do your opinions on the story have any bearing on what will happen next. 3. No editing your post. After you've made a choice, that's it. If you edit your post, I will ignore it and move on to the next answer (assuming there is another one) given. That's all I can think of right now...just don't be a jerk. That's my job. Anyway, let's get this started! In the spirit of Halloween, which is coming up soon, I've decided to go back to my roots and make this a gruesome zombie story. --------------------- Ivan smiled at his date, hoping she couldn't tell it was fake. The night had been one disaster after another and it all started wtih the fake rat in the punch bowl. Ivan thought it was funny, she threatened to sue. "So Ivan, how are you enjoying your clam chowder?" "My what?" The girl (he had already forgotten her name) glared at him, "Your clam chowder. Pay attention when I talk to you!" "I am paying attention...babe." In reality, he was really paying attention to the massive wart hanging off her chin. "What are you looking at?" she demanded. Ivan looked at her chin, longing to snip that thing off and muttered, "What?" "That's it! If you aren't going to pay attention then I'll just leave!" Ivan was broken from his trance as she stood up. "Wait...babe wait! Babe!" He watched as she walked to the door, unsure as to whether he should finish his clam chowder first, or run out and drag her back to the table. [i]Should Ivan: 1. Eat his clam chowder. 2. Try and stop her.[/i]
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