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9/25/2008 2:23:20 AM

Thoughts on the the new sticky on the right...

[quote]This forum has lately been showing more and more of a blatant disregard for Rule Number Three of the Code of Conduct: "Play Nice". Even the MLG vs casual threads in the Halo 3 forums are more civil to each other. This mostly appears to be due to a specific subculture of those that frequent this forum, you know who you are. The first solution we thought of was to shut the forum down. While that approach does have some appeal, we're going to try a conventional approach before going nuclear. So, starting now: 1) Minimum ban for anything in the Flood is 14 days. Period. 2) The Play Nice rule will be strictly enforced. If you're a jerk, the mods will ban you. Report posts that violate this. If you don't, then see item number 4 below. The flood is not a blog, it isn't 4chan, it isn't for whatever the hell you want to post: it a general place for people of the Bungie community to talk about stuff other than bungie games. 3) People who whine about this get 14 day bans. Groups are available for unmoderated discussion, go there if you want to avoid us being heavy handed. 4) The nuclear option, shutting down the Flood, is still on the table, and the Bungie Community team reserves the right to close the forum if they feel it serves no constructive purpose. Consider yourselves on notice. I'm tired of putting up with this forum's attitude, and you're a configuration switch away from being shut down.[/quote] That's from Achronos/Tom himself. I can completely see where he is coming from about all this and I do understand that the mods have a lot to put up with, but I was just wondering a few things as I read through that. 1. It mentions that the flood is't a place to talk about whatever the hell we want, but a place for us to talk about stuff that isn't bungie related. This is where I'm confused. So what are we suppose to talk about? It just feels like it's overly strict, I mean it is just a forum. Not like we're paying money or anything to use it -although I understand it probably takes up bungies space costing THEM money. 2. Shutting the forum down. Doesn't this mean that all the trolls the mods try so hard to fight off, win? Like, how are we suppose to control what other people do? Know what I mean? I know the best thing is to just ignore those kind of threads that are asking for trouble but there will [b]always[/b] be people who just don't know better. Seems kinda unfair we have to pay the price for a few idiots. Anyone else care to share what they think? Overall, I think it's just getting a little too strict - but who knows, it's probably for the best and they have every right to do what they want.
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