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2/15/2005 6:03:50 AM

Coolest Story Ever Part 3!

In order to fully understand the story please read [url=]Part 1[/url] and [url=]Part 2[/url] [b][color=red]Part 3: The Fight That never ended[/color][/b] After seeing the note from [b]halo53[/b] I started thinking. Could he really be what I think he is? But my thoughts were soon interrupted by the door bell, it was 10:00 at night and there was someone at my door. I grew Suspicious and opened the door slowly. It was [b]GruntHaven[/b] and his pal [b]HaloFREAK99635[/b]. They were singing Christmas Carols! Weird because it was in the middle of may. So I slammed the door on there faces and walk away. 2 minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time I opened it fast but to my surprise it was [b]Stalking Puma[/b]. I thought he was dead. So I said “ I thought you were dead?”. He smiled and said “I never died; it was just a evil plan to kill you, Me and [b]Mc’s Brother[/b] though we would get you back for all the harm you’ve done!” I was like “What Harm?”. He stated “You ran over [b]Mc’s Brother[/b] and you stole my Girlfriend!” I said “I can’t help it if iam good looking, besides it was[b] flamechu[/b]’s idea!” So I told him that we would settle this some other time, perhaps tomorrow at 6:00 pm. He agreed and went on his way. That night I could not sleep, I just sat there in my bed thinking about [b]drpepper12[/b]. It’s such a tasty drink! The morning came and I was prepared. Ready for anything they had in store for me. But this meant I needed allies and people to back me up. So I gathered a list of names and numbers and started calling around. The people that decided to help me were: [b]Kroenen, Infil7rator, SilentHunter,[/b] and [b]MrSmiley[/b]. Together we would fight! As soon as everyone was at my house I had them put dark cloths on so they would look scary. I told them that we would go into town to by weapons, and I knew of a store called SMLodge. There were these 2 guys that worked there called [b]Snowman1000[/b] and [b]Snowmanaxt[/b]. I told them these guys were nerds and knew everything about computer hacking and numb chuck skills. So we left to go the store. On the way [b]Mrsmiley[/b] wanted to stop by the zoo. We did for about 10 minutes While we were there we saw [b]Halo53[/b] in the dog cages. And [b]HaloFREAK99635[/b] singing Christmas carols to the lamas! Anyway we left the zoo and finally arrived at SMlodge. There we meet the 2 Snows, they helped us pick out weapons and updated us on computer hacking things. Although [b]mrsmiley[/b] just walked around in circles the whole time. After we finished all of the training we were prepared. The time was 5:30 and it was time to meet puma and his gang. When we got there the street was empty, so we decided to eat [b]buffalo wing[/b]. Then out of nowhere a big semi came, with pictures of a puma on the side. He was trying to run us over. Realizing [b]mrsmiley[/b] had walked off and was gone I was scared. Then a whole crew of men popped up to my right and to my left. I noticed a few of them such as [b]Halifax, cmwak1, RvB282[/b] and [b]MilesCPO[/b]. As the semi head towards me I started to think my life was over, they were going to kill me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw [b]mrsmiley[/b] dancing on top of the building to my right. He had an ice cream cone in his hand. I saw him drop it and it landed on the semi’s windows. [b]Mc’s brother[/b] and Puma were blind. They ran over there friends and hit the building. The truck exploded and I had won the war. [b]Mrsmiley[/b] being slow in the head saved me. We all hugged for excitement for we thought we won the war. But I was still missing my mom. I no longer cared about the food. I wondered were my mom could be so I called up [b]Shishka[/b] since he would know what to do. He told me to go to Irc Cfounders club in [b]downfieldgrim[/b]. I went there and I was greeted by [b]Surgika, LT devon[/b] and [b]tanikaze[/b]. I told them my situation. They said they had some sources with a group of Mom lovers called Bungie. I didn’t know what this bungie wanted with my mother but I had to find out. I looked up in the phone book bungie. I found an address and went there. There was a sign saying “satisfying your mom since 1991”. This was it I would go inside and kidnap my mom back. When we walked in I saw a very pretty lady it was the [b]bungie princess[/b]. I was immediately distracted by her good looks and I was overcome. She seduced me. We soon were making… err um anyway I talked her into telling me where my mom was. She said talk to [b]tex mex matt[/b]. I asked who he was. She didn’t tell me and she said she had to go. We made ou…. She was gone. Anyway it was just me and [b]Infil7rator[/b] at this time, who knew where [b]mrsmiley[/b] went. We were alone looking for a guy we had no clue who he was. So I called up [b]Psyched[/b] since he worked for the government and he could help us. He said there was no such guy under that name but it had a clue in the computer. It said “Stalking I is bad for a puma”. I knew who it was it was [b]Stalking Puma[/b] again. But he was dead. We were lost in this story. We were scared. So we just eat some more [b]buffalo wings[/b]. We never did find my mother or that food. But all I know is this fight was not over. We still had clues around. My phone rang, it was [b]Mc’s Sister[/b]! [i]What will happen Anti’s mom and will we ever hear the end to this story? Find out next time[/i] [b]Note – if you were killed, made fun of or looked retarded, it’s ok! It’s just a story![/b] Coolest story ever is now copyrighted by me. © 2005 [Edited on 2/15/2005 4:06:36 PM]
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