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2/10/2005 2:24:00 AM


this is a joke that i learned from my shop teacher... its a dirty joke... and its kind of a trick joke, you hafta tell it to a group of people, otherwise its not funny... ok, this guy walks into a bar and sits on a stool at the edge of the counter. he has a drink... then another... and another! he gets kinda drunk and starts looking at all of the people in the bar with him... somethings missing... women! it hit him like a ton of bricks that he was in a -blam!- BAR! he jumps from his stool and startles evryone in the bar. he starts speed-walking to the door when this big guy in a tight pink muscle--blam!- stop him before the door and says "where do you think your going cutie" the guy is stunned and tells him "no offense, but i dont swing that way... im not -blam!-..." the guy gets mad at him and tells him that he can leave when he passes three tests. by this time a crowd had gathered and the guy wearing the pink shirt says "all you gotta do is tell me what im shoveing up your butt" the guy gives him and awkward look and says "...dude, thats nasty, but i'll do it if i can leave" so the testing began... first, the muscle-shirt said "forst of all you gotta do it blind-folded, we cant be that easy on you..." then he shoved a long-neck bottle up his butt. the guy said instantl "THATS A LONG-NECK!" the guy in the pink -blam!- says "wow, how did you know that!" the guy says "ohh...lets get to the next test" then the pink shirted dude shoved a pool-que up his butt, without hesitation the man said "OH MY GOD THAT WAS A POOL QUE" the whole crowd was amased "oh my god" they all said. then the pink-shirted man grabbed (this is where the joke teller makes the motion of a plunger, until someone in the crowd says a plunger, that where the joke ends and you point at him and say "HA HA, YOUVE BEEN THERE!" then evryone maked fun that that person...) its a trick joke.
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