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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
2/6/2005 8:18:07 AM


As of now i control you thoughts and thats because your reading this i put this plan in place just so you will read it if you dont its your choice because you'd of left by now but you haven't so I will continue on, I will now urge you to look away and stop reading, you wouldn't care if you had something like ADD or ADHD because you would get bored and stopped but however you do have those this message is far more powerful than i thought, baut thats not true either becaus if you have it your still reading butit will end because i only get to type 10000 words but i bet i caould've gone much farther if i wanted,anyway to the point,you've been 0wn3d and now you can't go back if you did your a very strong person, mentaly but obviusly your not and im aware of my errors but that won't stop me and niether have you,again to the point, if you could look away i guess you cold quit smoking,drinking or even go on that diet you said you would go on but you not because your still reading, ts like an adiction only in word form or hipnosis or whatever, this is very intresting, because you must realize that i couldn't do this any other way like through speech or sign laugage cause you would have looked away but you havent so im assuming you very bored about now so i guess i could put in a joke: ok theres these 3 guys they are on a canible island and the canibles would help them get off there island unharmed, if they fineshed there quest, so the canibles told all of them to get 10 of the same fruit, the first guy went got 10 apples and went back to the cannibles, then they said you must now shove all these apples up you ass without making any expressins whatsoever, he got to 6 and made a grimmace, the cannibles killed him and he went to heaven, the second guy had grapes the cannibles told him the same thing they told the first guy, he got to 9 and laughed, they killed him too, he went to heaven and meet up with the first guy and the first guy said "you were so close why'd you laugh you were so close?"the second guy replied i saw the third guy coming with pine apples. was that enjoyable i hope you didnt lose you place because thats some funny crap there you must admit thats the best part of me 0wn1n9 you notice when i say 0wn i say it using numbers instead of letters, thats because thats the way its suposed to be used for computer termonaligy same with w00t and p0wn3d and r0x, any way i h0pe y0u 3nj0yed my 0wn1n9 of y0u for today bungie owns me now today because i using there site to do it. 411 H41L TH3 fL00D
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