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6/10/2004 11:19:48 PM

painkillers clan recruting... JOIN NOW

for all the halo players veterans or non veterans, painkillerz clan is recruiting. join now if you got what it takes. all people interested leave me your email and comment. thnx the mission of the painkillerz clan is to play fair and square. no noobs who use cheats or bots or anything like that. another goal of ours is to work as a team and we mantain ourselves in link. all players must have a good halo profile and he must know how to kick some ass in mp games. he must know how to work as a team and individually. different ranks will be added to who play the better. ranks: captain: supreme leader of the clan, posseses great strategic skills as well as elite combat skillz. commands units into battle and organizes the clan´s battles and tournaments sub-captain: 2nd in the PainKillerz hierarchy, there are 2 of these guys in the clan. they are the subordinates of the captain. 2nd in command, they possess great combat skillz and also strategic skills. if the captain is missing in a battle, these guys take his place and take the fight to the enemy lines. Elite corps: these guys are the most selected elite warriors of the clan. they are the personal guard of the captain and other high rank officers. when these guys go into battle they are send with special objectives such as killing specific hostile officers or leaders. they are the death hand legion, spec ops. squad leader: 4th in PK hierarchy, these guys take the orders from the captain or sub-captains and lead their squad into battle with the given command orders and specific objectives. the battle squads are listed in 4 groups: 1. alpha omega squad: this is the primary battle squad of the clan. send right into the fearness of battle their primary objective is to break the enemy lines and kill whatever is in their path following their leaders command. 2.beta gamma squad: the 2nd unit battle squad. they are pretty much the same thing as alpha omega squad. 3.movilized artillery and vehicle battle group (also called the iron maidens): this fearless soldiers are skilled pilots and gunners. they command vehicles as you noted. they pilot from tanks to banshees and their primary objectives are to destroy movilized artillery and hostile vehicles. 4. Elite spec ops. corps. (also called the death hand legion) these are the greatest warriors of the clan. they are the personal guard of the captain and other high ranked officers. they are sent into battle as spec ops. or final attack death team. well these are the battle groups. any people interested in joining the clan leave me ur email and ur commentray thnx. PK Death, PainKillerz captain

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