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8/17/2008 3:13:57 AM

My Halo Fanfic.

Halo: Celestial Hymn The Celestial Hymn exited from slipspace. The stars and planets reappeared and filled the inky backdrop of space. And, not for the first time, shipmaster Hyco Borul’ee became lost in the beauty of the heavens. The Celestial Hymn was a Cruiser class warship, armed with five plasma turrets and two laterally facing pulse cannons. Borul’ee had certainly earned his rank and this ship, due to the fact he was born into a poor and unrecognized family, and to the Elites, nobility was a key deciding factor in the social and economical castes. He had wished all of his life to be in the Covenant Navy, and now his dream was complete. He had been given this ship a few years ago, and he was growing much attached to it. He adored its ability to remain extremely maneuverable, even when under heavy fire. But, one thing troubled him; his old crew of experienced veterans had been replaced when they were called to go join the other Covenant ships assaulting the newly found Human colonies. It had been almost a year since the events at Harvest, and now the highest rank on his ship was a only a Minor Domo Borul’ee had been tasked with locating new Forerunner structures, and this new system looked very promising. Already, the Luminary was picking up many suitable areas of interest. The planet below the cruiser was covered in dense forests and some small oceans. Borul’ee was preparing to initiate entry vectors when a blip appeared on the ship’s radar. He recognized the blips as Human interceptors and one Halycon class cruiser. Borul’ee cursed; he realized that the planet below must be a human colony. His cruiser lacked any Seraphs, and the human cruiser must have a MAC gun on board. He had heard stories of the MAC guns blasting through a cruiser’s energy shields and gutting the whole warship. But, Borul’ee wouldn’t give up without a fight. *** Tell me what you think, if this becomes popular, I'll post more of it. :)
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