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7/20/2008 9:22:30 PM

Halo- A Tale Of Two Swords fanfic

This is a fanfic I wrote in class last year.It got a lot of cheers from the people who knew about Halo,so I thought I should show it to the community. If this gets enough good feedback, I'll write more, but for now, here's two chapters of my fanfic, titled Halo- A Tale Of Two Swords. <=====================================================================> [u]Prologue[/u] The halls of The Prophets' Chambers were glowing ever so brightly tonight, a glow that would seem to welcome all to enter. This glow, however, was far from what it seemed to be. It was the glow from a silver-and-gold-clad Elite soldier's Energy Sword as he walked through the Prophets' Chambers, trying to find the right one. Finally, the soldier stops. He enters the one he stopped at, and suddenly, the soldier vanished, his Active Camoflauge engaged. The Elite reappears at the feet of The Prophet Of Truth. He grabs the Prophet by his throat, and he comes awake. The Elite then recites the Writ Of Union. "According to my station. All without exception." "On the blood of my father... on the blood of my son, I swear to uphold the Covenant." "Even to my dying breath." "What garbage!" The Elite proclaims. With his last sentence, nearby Honor Gaurds hear the noise, and stop the Elite before he can put his blade through the prophet. The Elite's efforts thwarted, he engages his Active Camoflauge, and escapes. <=============================================================> [u]Chapter 1- A Truthful Meeting[/u] A gloomy light hung over the Council trial chambers of High Charity, as if to only increase the sadness of the single soldier who stood who alone on the pedestal where the accused were forced to stand trial for their crimes. A single voice rang out among the room, the voice of Tartarus, the Brute Cheiftain. " Syan 'Jak Tadrunee, 3rd Imperial Admiral of the Covenant, you are here today, charged with herecy of the highest degree- attempted assasination of The Prophet Of Truth. How do you plead?"" Not Guilty." The silver-clad Elite responded. "Very well," Tartarus replied, "Let the trial begin." 3 human hours later....... "Well, Syan, due to the lack of evidence, the charge of attempted assasination has been dropped." The Elite sighed in relief, even though it is forbidden for even Minor Domos to show signs of distress, no matter the circumstance. As Syan leaves, he looks upon his comrades, who only return with looks of disgust. When he is far enough away from the trial room, Tartarus stops him. "The Prophet Of Truth requests your presence in his private chambers, and he adds that it is urgent." Syan walks the halls of High Charity, trying to avoid the hateful glances that his fellow soldiers are giving him. Syan enters Truth's chamber, and Truth speaks. " Syan, as you know, my life was jeapordized by a fellow Imperial Admiral Elite." "Yes, noble Prophet." Syan responded. "This Sangheili soldier is no doubt a heretic, who have been trying to destroy the Covenant for years." " Because of this trial, the lower ranking species, such as the Unggoy, are becoming rebellious." " We can't risk a rebellion, so, as a means to satisfy the more, meager species, you will now go on field missions, instead of commanding your fleet." "But, Noble Prophet, who will command the fleets if not I?" The Elite queried. "We will appoint Rtas 'Vadumee to lead them. His valor in battle has proven him worthy." The silver-and-gold Elite could only snicker.
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