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    Bungie I have a good idea why not for dlc or in the full game you can link your destiny clan to the Xbox or ps4 the tower will grow like literally another room so basically you will make your own destiny faction like the new monarchy so in the room there will be a quartermaster or plain master and you can design your own weapons and gear the faction will sell obviously if your higher level the gear will be better and also sell shaders and depending how many people your faction has the bigger the room and there will be more vendors like a cryptarch ,ship vendor, sparrow seller, outfitter, crucible quartermaster and the normal quartermaster gunsmith and guardian equipment vendors and you can design your room with crates lights benches people that you can customize like the vendors and a banner a weapon rack alot of stuff to make your faction room look unique and there will be a problem there being alot of rooms so add a teleporter that will bring you to the room you want to go to and that's my idea so hopefully deej looks at this and considers it for possible dlc
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