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    Masta Spock

    Masta Spock

    8/18/2014 12:29:23 PM Permalink
    This Clan is in the works, just been trying to get everything together as in our goals and legend begins. We will focus on PvE, PvP, Being Loot Whores, Raids, Strikes, Endgame, and of coarse having a good time with our friends and Clan members. There will be ranks but obviously they are earned ! No walk-ins on a rank it is respectfully earned. Mics of coarse will be used as in daily convos, get togethers with clan mates and just through Destiny period lol ! Were not a lowlife clan where we'll boot you cause you didn't play for a day or a month or any bullshit like that, it's called people have their personal lives as long with your gaming life.. It's normal ! Friendly environment of coarse we don't want douschebags in our clan, were a group, a army, were all in one .. We need to get along if these are our so called players were going to play with! As in age requirement I'd prefer 18 and over because I'm sure we all talk like Sailors but if a little younger then that we'd have to talk because I want mature people not little kids that complain all the time lol. As of current goal, I want to gather enough and go from there because I don't want a huge ass group where it's hard to get clan members together, I want it maintainable. Then we can talk about future for this group! Were here to have fun and enjoy this badass game and get shit done in Destiny no type of bullshit here ! (; Message me on here or feel free to add me on Psn: Masta_Spock, let me know your class and your goals see if we meet eye to eye and become Legends together ! This is a Ps4 Clan so just to let people know. Thank you for your time !
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