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No Name Soulja
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    8/11/2014 8:39:30 PM Permalink
    I'm not one for PvP. In fact, in the 18.5 hours I played the beta I played a total of 2 PvP matches. (And that ratio of playing 1 game per special event likely wouldn't change post release.) However... I'd love the idea that I could take a rest, put down my guns, and take a break from combat with a Sparrow race. It'd be even cooler if there were different Sparrow stats; such as acceleration, deceleration, boost time, handling, etc. Ships are a nice 'glimmer sink', but different Sparrows that you could race, now that'd be something. :D It would be extra cool if there were rewards tied to the 'class armor'. I realize if it isn't already in the works it wouldn't happen anytime soon (particularly since this basically requires special maps be designed specifically for the races), but seeing it maybe within a year post-launch as a free expansion would be awesome. :)
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