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    Agreed. I got a crappy hand cannon and I top number 1 in a row with a KD above 2.5. But this little kid got the legendary variant of the Galahad-B (which is the highest damage assault rifle in the beta) And through all 3 matches he was getting owned and started to cry, moan, and blame my team for not "Protecting him" I only let this one and the ones to come slip by due to this being a Beta. Hopefully, the full game will fix this problematic problem. One more thing... Why am I being paired with little kids? Come one it's like torture weekend for me. Haven't found a good fire team since day one. But what really grinds my gears is the fact that these little gremlins are lvl 8 and they suck to magnitudes beyond my comprehension. BUT.... The moment when my senses went FUBAR was when the the little kid dismantled the legendary weapon... I heard him through the mic talking trash about the weapon and not being able to use it. I thought he was trolling but I heard the sound when you dismantle a weapon which is like a double click followed by a metal sound... I lost hope for change. Now as soon as I heard a screeching voice of a little kid, I am abandoning the battle. I going to desert them all for good. I prefer the penalty than going through the whole mission with those abominations.
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