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    Mega Blaziken

    Mega Blaziken

    8/22/2013 5:52:40 PM Permalink
    Red Flames you need a code, but blue? now don't listen to anyone in the thread, they're spreading lies, there is a very specific task you must do in order to unlock Blue Flames, it is as follows, note, any mess ups/deaths after the first step require a complete restart of your xbox to try again, you must be inheritor, and have a 50 on Halo 3. 1. Load Up Forge World blank version in Customs, Make your first load out a Needler, and Energy Sword, and a Jet Pack, Mode- Slayer, Time- Unlimited, Score- as low as it goes Jump- 300% everything else default 2. Spawn in at the arena, and jump 3 times on the spot, no moving or you have to restart the game 3. run to the left side of the opening in the arena, crouch 5 times, each time exactly 2.9 seconds from the last 4. Drag your face along each wall of the arena, ending on the opposite side of the door 5. jump up to the rocky part of the top of the arena (Jetpack permitted) 6. crouch 5 times screaming "SHISHKA IS A PEGBOY" with each crouch 7. Jump to the lowest level of the spire spire and make it to the top within 18.99 seconds 8. Once you reach the top empty your needler into the cove waterfall and say "JOHN CENA" until it is completely empty. 9. make it to the island and do 50 laps of the beaches of it 10. run to the gulch and say" Burn Bright, Burn Blue" saying that the ghost of lockout, and the Meta will both appearr and they will each fight you in a 1 on 1 battle with energy swords, you must win both rounds in 1 life or you will only get a consolation prize of Battletoads 12. After defeating both you must walk to the sea at the end of the gulch and say "I WIN!" 100 times 13. Enjoy Blue Flames!
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