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Milites de Lumine [MdL]

"When all is dark look for the Light...."

Welcome [b]Milites de Lumine[/b], [i](Soldiers of Light[/i])
If you are ready to kick some a$$, with some even more kick a$$ people, then you found the right clan!!
Put a damn smile on your face because you are taking the first step into the light, our mission is build an elite force to battle the Darkness that is all around us...
We will work on creating the best tactics, strategies friendships through exploration, battles and yes TROPHIES!!!! Whatever your reason for finding this clan it was not an accident. We are all passionate gamers who live good lives and look to enjoy our game time with equally good people. We give each other sh*t out of fun but never to disrespect one another, if you are easily offended this probably isn't the right fit you.

Idiots, disrespectful and immature players will not be tolerated!
[b]Lets kick some a$$, get trophies and make some f**king memories!!!![/b]
Seeya soon!

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  • 11 Members

  • Created August 16, 2014

Season 1

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