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First Crusaders [1CRU]

"Carry the Light"

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    Founded During the Alpha in Destiny, we were among the first to engage the enemy outside the city. Join the First Crusaders and help us retake the solar system that is ours by right! In regards to new members wanting to join us in our mission, come as you are, we understand that real life comes first and not games, but we will have requirements on attendance and good character, we simply dont have the room for people who do nothing, you will pull your weight. When it comes to playing the game yes we'll be laid back and easy going, but if the situation calls for it we'll hunker down and do the job right. Carry the Light Crusaders

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8/27/2014 8:12:23 AM
for those of you who have joined recently I'd like to express my gratitude towards your joining, quite honestly I'm humbled that so many of you have joined and actually stayed. I look forward to seeing all of you during our time with Destiny. It's going to be awesome! Remember, add as many of us as you can, my PSN is the same as it is on here. latey i've let a friend borrow my ps4 remote since his malfunctioned, i should be getting it back this weekend. In other news I will be creating a youtube channel and account just for showcasing our very own members while we all embark on our numerous misadventures, and in case you havent been keeping track of time we are now less than 2 weeks away from playing Destiny in all its glory! That's all from me for this week Crusaders, and as always, Carry the Light.

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