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First Crusaders [1]

"Carry the Light"

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Founded During the Alpha stage in Destiny, we were among the first to engage the enemy outside the city. Join the First Crusaders and help us retake the solar system that is ours by right! To be more specific we are a "business casual" type of clan. This means that we don't have time requirements for people to play, we understand that real life comes first and not games, get on whenever you can. When it comes to playing the game yes we'll be laid back and easy going, but if the situation calls for it we'll hunker down and do the job right. Carry the Light.


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7/20/2014 9:40:01 PM
Ok so, there is no cross-platform play. PS3 players can't play with PS4 players. However, when I signed up for the beta on PS3, my PS4 character (a Warlock) was there on the sign-in screen on the PS3 version. Wanting to start a new character, this time a Hunter, I went thru the tutorial again and while playing with friends (the whole reason I downloaded the PS3 beta) I quickly ranked up to Level 4. My friends were done for the night and left so I switched back to the PS4. Sure enough, my Level 4 Hunter was waiting for me on the sign-in screen and I continued right where I left off. I think it's awesome that our characters get saved on the Bungie servers and just wanted to sound-off and let clan members know that if you're playing on the PS3 and want to make the jump to the PS4, your character (and all your hard work) will make the jump with you. And if you earn the "Beta Emblem" on the PS3, it will be there when you pick up your Destiny PS4 Bundle in September. That is all. Carry the Light, Crusaders.

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