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Alliance: Ostent Guardians of Sol

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Ostent Guardians of Sol [OGs]

"Once Called, Never Forgotten!"

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    *We are the ones to protect our light* *We are the ones that guard you at night* *We are the ones who put up a good fight* *We are the ones that push back the fallen* *We are the ones that have been chosen* *We are the true protectors of our world* *We are the Ostent Guardians of Sol* Currently recruiting for Ostent Guardians of Sol (OGs). Xbox One/PS4 of Destiny Heroes who want to work together end the plight of the fallen. Send a pm to join up! Ostentiferous: Bringing omens or unnatural or supernatural manifestations.

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7/29/2014 9:37:22 PM
Post everything and anything you remember or have saved to share in here. Lets see the best moments or the worst. Discuss what we like and what we LOVED. FYI - I managed to take wrong path on the moon...and found my way in the depths of hell with so many hive trying to kill me. #gettinglostindestiny
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