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Alliance: Ostent Guardians of Sol

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Ostent Guardians of Sol [OGs]

"Once Called, Never Forgotten!"

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    *We are the ones to protect our light* *We are the ones that guard you at night* *We are the ones who put up a good fight* *We are the ones that push back the fallen* *We are the ones that have been chosen* *We are the true protectors of our world* *We are the Ostent Guardians of Sol* Currently recruiting for Ostent Guardians of Sol (OGs). Xbox One/PS4 of Destiny Heroes who want to work together end the plight of the fallen. Send a pm to join up! Ostentiferous: Bringing omens or unnatural or supernatural manifestations.

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Less than a day till the Taken Arrive! - 9/14/2015 5:16:46 PM
The guide to the golden chests—which can be found in the beta's Story or Explore missions—comes from PS4 player Mercenary09, who shows the locations. If you can't watch the video, here's a quick rundown: Restoration: go up a set of stairs, through a room, on a desk and there's a golden chest The Dark Within, during the Wizard boss fight: through the ceiling in an adjacent room, across the opening you entered in and around through a back corner and, presto, chest. Forgotten Shores: through a cave with a small waterfall in front of it, chest is behind a big rock. Forgotten Shores again: facing the broken pier, run down the shoreline underneath the pier until you reach a set of low rocks. Jump up the rocks and find the chest. During the Devil's Lair boss fight: go underneath the platform to the right and the chest will be waiting for you.

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