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The Intrepid Order [INTR]

"Please play with some dignity"

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    Intrepid is a Destiny clan on The PS4, Our intentions are to build an innovative clan, Something we can all be Proud of, Something we can all foster with common Interest. Here Are Some Rules. You must be brave. You must have a working microphone. No Squeakers. All recruits must be approved by an admin. You cannot be in another destiny clan at the same time as this one. Your attitude will not become our problem, if you are being a jackass guess what's going to happen to you, you will be out, for example, no screaming in the microphone, do not teabag other clans unless they start it, We don't want to hear racist or sexist attitudes, if your vocabulary is more curse words then normal words, and if you were or are a PC gamer We don't care if you are the "master-race", hopefully you get the idea by now.

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