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Alliance: Girl Tribe Gaming

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Girl Tribe Gaming [GTG]

" -- Friendly all-female Xbox clan"

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Girl Tribe Gaming is a group of casual gamers who play mostly for enjoyment on Xbox Live. Whether you identify as an LGBT gamer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) or a straight gamer, we all have a place. At GTG we strive to build a diverse group that is packed with awesome women. Zen and Jen strive to provide a safe place where gamer girls can relax and just be themselves. We don't care how good your kill/death ratio is, we just want a clan full of great women who love gaming! There are no mandatory clan things for you to do. Game when you want and play what you want. Your engagement level is up to you! Join us at


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  • #lgbt
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  • #Female
  • #girlgamers
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