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House of Umbra [HU]

"Though we walk amongst the darkness, fear not the light of the traveler will guide our steps"

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The House of Umbra is a special operations group created by guardians to combat the darkness. We serve the city and her people to reclaim our lost territory, reclaim golden age technology, and push back the forces of darkness. Diversity is essential to success which is why all classes/fighting styles are encouraged to join our ranks and support their teammates. The House of Umbra is competitive clan but having fun is encouraged above all. Members should respect each other and other guardians on and off the battlefield; each member represents the group so respectable behavior and attitude is a must. Having responsibilities such as schooling, careers, or children is understood but members must be active in game. Age isn’t much of an issue but members should be able to hold mature conversations, members can joke and talk about almost anything but please be reasonable. Please feel free to contact either myself or other leaders if you are interested in joining or if you have questions.


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