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The Last of the Jedi [LOTJ]

"There is no death, There is the Force"

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We are a PSN clan looking to get those casual pve players, pvp players and everyone in between a place to fill out their fire teams, form strike teams, and eventually full blown raid teams. I would love to get up between 18 to 24 clanmates. Not too many but enough. I would like everyone to have fun and the opportunity to have some close friends out there for those higher level areas. I'd like this clan to be a place where we can have fun sharing pic or vids or just stories of the crazy things we have seen across the many worlds of Destiny and actually get to know each other and not just be people who play together. In short I want this to be more of a club than a "clan". No politics or rankings, just a good group of friends having fun and getting to know and trust each other. We are going to be fighting the Darkness for a long time.


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