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Guardians of Stonewall [GoS]

"Homos built The Wall….not the Titans"

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We are Guardians of Stonewall; formerly known as The Rainbow Warriors. Guardians (and florists, interior designers, wood workers, bakers, etc.) of The Traveler. Our mission is simple. Push back the Darkness, harness the Light, unleash our inner Rainbow and look damn good while doing it. <br />We require teamwork and dedication (we are after all the LGBT community). Please have your mic ready and be ready to reclaim our lost worlds. As members of the LGBT community lets make Destiny's lost worlds bear our mark<br />So crank the Whitney (or Britney), meet up with your Fireteam and fight the Darkness with your Flame (and don't forget to always--BELIEV3-it gets better)


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