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Bungie Bounty - DBO Edition

It’s high time we got back to the business of inviting you to hunt some poor souls in the Crucible for honor, bragging rights, and a chance at winning a very rare element of vanity. The Bungie Bounty is being placed on some heads again. This time, we’ve targeted the staff of our most venerable community outlet.

“For over a thousand generations, the leaders of were the Guardians of peace and justice in the old community…”

They also gave people who loved playing Bungie games a voice. Before Twitter. Before YouTube. Before Reddit. They elevated our contributions and helped us to find each other in the dark. And they still do. On their front page, you’ll find their favorite community creations. Within the hallowed halls of their forum, you’ll always find a rousing debate among some of our longest-standing fans.

To thank them, we’re turning them into the hunted.
Wednesday, January 28th
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Pacific
Xbox 360

That’s right. We’re rolling on a legacy system this time – getting back to our roots, just like you do when you visit Makes all the sense in the world, from a certain point of view.

Your targets, should you choose to seek them out:
Louis Wu
Gwath Gil

If you can kick our ass, we’ll give you this emblem. If they can defend their honor, we’ll adorn them with the marvelous bubble. Matchmaking is not assured. You’ll have to patrol the playlist. Good hunting to all.

We’ll stream the battle in progress. They will be the hosts.

Oh, and coming soon we're planning a Bounty that we think no one will claim.
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