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„Blue Engram: it's all we get!“

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    Raid the Vault to get the best gear. We can beast normal and are working towards Hard Mode. Complete the new Raids when they become available.

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ursprünglich gepostet in:ERROR CODE Pigeon
6/17/2015 9:00:29 PM

The gates of hell are edging open . . . Slowly. Peck. Claw. KILL !

My dear pigeons. It has been a while since your general made a post on here so in light of the news of oryx thinking he's going to come and try to exact his revenge for killing his bike seat sniffer of a son crota I thought this may be a perfect time to give the troops a few words in which to stir your soul and keep all the loyal pigeons focused on the war that is approaching us as fast as kurps jaw can move and talk shit. I'm sure by now you have all seen the trailers for the taken [u]FAG[/u] and you are aware of what it is that we must do. To aid us in sending this winged, bike seat sniffing, five eyed, crusty, ball bag licking, Mr krabs looking, dick face oryx back on to his gaynaught that he's on his way in . . . The elders have blessed us with some new toys. [u]HUNTER[/u] The elders have granted you the power of the void. Use it like a bow to bind your enemies to any surface so that the others in your fireteam can destroy the enemies you trap with your bow and take all the glory. Think of it as a spiderman arm or a jizz launcher. Things will get sticky. [u]TITAN[/u] The elders have seem you crave the power of the sun and have seen to bless you with the carpenters choice of tools. The hammer. Use it like a much less gay thor, Set that bitch on fire and smash some -blam!-ING SKULLS !!!! [u]WARLOCK[/u] Err. . . You need to lay off playing mortal kombat man. Seriously it's getting beyond recreational now. Pigeons. I want you all to focus on the task that is coming. Get your shit on point and make this -blam!-er and his army of twats cry like the little Chinese girl our brothers had the pleasure of doing in a pyongyang training exercise earlier this week. I BELIEVE IN YOU !!! [u][b]CA CAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW[/b][/u]

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