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The Blackrock Vikings

„We invoke the power of the sun, thunder, and shadows“

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    We're here to defeat Oryx as NightStalker hunters, Stormcaller Warlocks and Sunbreaker Titans, We expect the following out of our members: #1 be equipped for battle using your best gear #2 be a NightStalker, Stormcaller or Sunbreaker #3 have at least beaten both year 1 raids on normal #4 be level 25+ #5 have at least 2 exotics to switch between #6 have all expansions #7 if you are a NightStalker hunter please try to use the StillPeircer, The Last Word, and the Sol Edge Sword as your special, primary, and heavy and use shade step #8 if you are a Stormcaller warlock please try to use the Mida Multitool as your primary, the Susanoo as your special, and the Ruin Wake as your heavy #9 if you are a Sunbreaker titan please try to use the Nirwen's Mercy as your primary, the 4th Horseman as your special and the Vertigo as your heavy #10 PLEASE NOTE: if you do not meet these requirements you STILL MAY JOIN but try to meet them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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