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DoD Brotherhood

„dads of the world unite“

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    Our DoD Brotherhood clan has been created in alliance with the Dads of Destiny group hence our tag. We are united worldwide by part time gamers as well as daily players at all levels and walks of life so no need to be apologetic for having to go sort the kids out or spending time with your partner, we've been there seen it done it, we get it. Bounties, weekly nightfalls, weekly heroics, strikes, raids, we are always willing to help out, even if it's just to grind it out. If you need help with anything? Just ask one of us and if we can't help, I'm sure someone will know someone who can. We are mostly PvE but won't say no to PvP. THE100 site for setting up Raids, Nightfalls and PVP ete. Visit

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