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2/7/2015 4:22:03 AM

Recruiting for our PS3 and PS4 clan

Short, sweet, and simple: >We're friendly and cool >We're on active and ready to win or demolish the darkness >We mostly use our mics (some of us like being the silent strong type) >Once in, you're like a bro. Real love dawg real love. No homo though ha >We like to just have fun, crack jokes, and some other good stuff >Both a PVP and PVE clan >So that means raids, crucible, iron banner, etc >I try to play with all members >I have spots open for Admins on Facebook, Bungie, and Youtube. >We have a facebook group >I am aiming for a large but tight clan, it's possible. >We are the Cryztal Guardians, skill, talent, comedic relief, anything is acceptable on the team. >I won't be a douche admin, because some admins are douche bags. Period hah. So join up! I'll provide links for you guys but I really want to meet any member, you don't have to be a 32, a crucible pro, nightfall expert, or Raiding champ you just have to be cool, talented(Doesn't have to be pro just talented at something), and just play for fun. We can be competitive but it's all just for fun, and epic playing. So That is it, I hope you want in, we'll be waiting for your request. *** Cryztal Guardians Facebook Group: *** Cryztal Guardians Gorup: *** Thank you! -JONZEYYY

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