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Clan Rules and Guidelines.

All, Having a clan with all above average players is a great thing. We can tackle any Raid with ease, win almost every PVP match, crush any NF, or Story mission. How ever it can act as a double edge sword at times. Throw 6 guys that know they can crush it into one game and egos/play styles can quickly turn a 30 minute Raid into an hour plus Raid. I knew going into making this clan it could be an issue so I spread the word that these rules/guidelines would be posted. I still want us to have as much fun as we have been, and I understand we cant be perfect every run, but certain actions will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action will be taken in the form of being removed from Raid, or not allowed to Raid with the clan for a week, and if enough infractions have occurred you may be removed from the clan. We are some of the best and will continue to be some of the best. So though this may seem harsh we are all fully capable of following a few rules/guidelines. Nothing successful comes easy or without sacrifice. I will be the first to admit my flaws and accept them so for all to see I will put a (*) next to items I myself can struggle with, and will be working on. Rules/Guidelines: These are in no particular order of importance. 1) Don't be soft. We are mostly men and we will get angry at one another its natural. After we vent high five and keep about our task at hand. 2) Do not appear offline during scheduled Raid days. It makes it difficult to group up and stay connected in the event of disconnects. 3) Try and give as much notice as possible if you can not make it to a Raid you have signed up for. 4) There is one leader and one leader only. We follow their direction period. The only things that should be conveyed by others is game play. Example: Enemy positions, need to use ammo synth, or anything that may have made the order given unachievable or too risky to accomplish. (*) 5) The forum will be our main resource for communication. It can be accessed anywhere most anytime if you have a mobile device. You need to check it frequently for updates. 6) PVP Rage (******************) This is my biggest downfall and is a huge distraction for the team. We need to try our best to stay composed and get the win, whether we go negative or not. The goal should always be victory, not K/D. 7) PVP (see number 4) there may be multiple leaders if we are divided into squads. 8) If you sign up for a Raid but get all completed sooner you are still required to play in the scheduled Raid. Some people in the same time slot may not have completed it yet. 9) Goes along with (8) we are a team (brothers if you will) if someone needs help we will step up and help them get it done. That is all I have for now. These rules/guidelines are subject to change and be added to at anytime. If they are updated I will send notice of changes to all members. It is your responsibility to know and follow these rules/guidelines. Thanks, Rob

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