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Bungie screwed up: House of Wolves drops 8 weeks from today and still no CE hard mode...

House of Wolves comes out March 10th, 2015, exactly 8 weeks from today, and there is still no hard mode for the Crota's End raid. Why is this an issue? Bungie chose to drop primary weapons from the hard raid only. We know that there are 4 legendary primaries available and one exotic primary: [url=]Necrochasm (Exotic Auto Rifle)[/url], [url=]Abyss Defiant (Legendary Auto Rifle)[/url], [url=]Fang of Ir Yût (Legendary Scout Rifle)[/url], [url=]Word of Crota (Legendary Hand Cannon)[/url], and the [url=]Oversoul Edict (Legendary Pulse Rifle)[/url]. That's 5 weapons available to drop in at most 6 weeks. Crota's End came out 6 weeks ago today and many of us haven't received all 5 of the special and heavy weapons; personally I've only received the three special ones (Light of the Abyss five bloody times...). So let's do some simple math... 1 raid weapon costs 18 radiant energy to upgrade. 4 raid weapons would cost 72 radiant energy. 72 radiant energy / 6 weeks (maximum amount of weeks for the hard raid before HoW drops) comes out to 12 energy per week you need to get. There is one location in the raid that can possibly drop a weapon: Crota itself. This location also drops armor, special weapons, heavy weapons, and materials with materials being heavily weighted. Let's assume you get two pieces of armor, one primary weapon, and 6 radiant material per run (this seems above average in my experiences but we do need to include a weapon). That will only net you 36 radiant material in 6 weeks per character (sorry to everyone with one toon) or the 72 radiant material if you run 2, and 108 if you run all three characters. Of course you may need to use 21+ of those materials for armor especially since most players do not have a single toon with a helmet yet let alone all three. So let us add what's required to get the helmet maxed to those needed materials. 1 toon = 105 Radiant material total (57 more than most will get) 2 toons = 126 Radiant material total (42 more than most will get) 3 toons = 147 Radiant material total (27 more than most will get) At this point in time it is quite literally impossible to upgrade your character(s) and all the weapons--if you can actually get them--before The House of Wolves drops on March, 10th, 2015. Why is this an issue? Simple: There is already a new confirmed level cap (say goodbye to the raid armour), and maximum damage for weapons (these weapons will be obsolete before you can even max them out). TL;DR -- Bungie waited too bloody long to release the hard raid and are releasing their pseudo-expansions far too close together. Everyone is wasting their time playing Crota's End because everything you get in it will be obsolete in less than two months time when you can just buy better gear. Discuss [u][i][b]Edit: I just realized you'd only have 6 weeks not 7 weeks since the House of Wolves would drop on the 7th week. Figures have been updated.[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Edit 2: The general consensus is that weapons only drop from Crota despite what available information suggests; post has been updated to reflect this.[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Edit 3: For everyone who says that House of Wolves doesn't drop on March 10th I'm fairly certain it does. This goes off the Xbox LIVE pre-order information, Bungie's statement that HoW drops in early March, and the leaked info.[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Edit 4: Some die-hard fan seem to be unable to do math or look at a calendar. The Dark Below has been available for 6 weeks. The week not being finished yet doesn't mean that it doesn't count.[/b][/i][/u] [u][i][b]Edit 5: People still are having a ridiculously hard concept of understanding time so let me explain it in bold. December 9th, 2014 -- The Dark Below launches, week one December 16th, 2014 -- Raid is reset, you can run for loot again. Week two. December 23rd, 2014 -- Raid is reset again, more loot. Week three. December 30th, 2014 -- You know the drill by now, yes? Week four. January 6th, 2015 -- New year, new reset. Week five January 13th, 2015 -- Date of the post, new reset, new loot and gasp, that would be week six! You've been able to run it 6 different times per character since it launched ergo it's been out six bloody weeks.[/b][/i][/u] [b][i][u]Edit 6: Over two days, 400+ comments, and almost 200 up-votes yet no comment from DeeJ. Who would've thought![/b][/i][/u] Be sure to up-vote and comment on this post so it stays at the top of the boards. Maybe Bungie will respond. =D
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