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12/4/2014 4:46:03 PM

Warlock Voidwalker Surge Mov speed bug

[b]Bug summary: [/b] When Surge ends while you are sprinting, your movement speed gets reduced to lower than your default sprint speed. [b]Details[/b] Surge is supposed to buff your movement and weapon speeds. Here is what seems to happen to move speed: 1) Walk speed increase. Increases to about run speed. 2) Run speed does NOT increase... if it does, it is not noticeable (only did imprecise "run alongside other guardian" test) 3) When Surge ends, your movement speed gets reduced. Now the bug comes with the interaction of these mechanics: - 1 + 3: As expected, walk speed returns to normal walk speed when Surge buff ends - 2 + 3: Since sprint speed did not change from Surge, the loss of move speed that comes from Surge ending decreases sprint speed below it's normal value. [b]To reproduce[/b] - Choose Voidwalker, Take Energy Drain Perk 1 (Surge) - Melee an enemy (activates surge) - When the timer on Surge expires, make sure you are sprinting. - Sprint speed should decrease. NOTE: Stopping to sprint and starting again resets sprint speed properly after Surge has ended.

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