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A Guide To Changing Your Destiny (PvP Edition)

[u][b]A Guide To Changing Your Destiny[/b][/u] I would start with introductions, but no one cares. To start off this game needs to be broken up into two categories the PvP aspect and the PvE aspect. Personally I enjoy both. I take no side with either and will just post improvements that can be done to each. Bungie has created an absolutely amazing foundation in terms of mechanics and it’s time for us to work upon and expand it. I will do my best to give credit where credit is due. If you notice that I have not given credit please feel free to post or message me so I can fix this error. [u][b]PvP[/b][/u] [b]1. Custom Games[/b] a. Lets us create custom game modes whether it is choosing where the capture points are. How many points you need to win, how often heavy/special ammo is available or how many people can play at a time(1v1 for when you need to shut someone up). There is unbelievable variety that can be had and this would give players more of the freedom that they desire. b. On a second note with all the stats you acquire from this game mode you can then implement new game modes based on player created modes. Its often times better to watch what people do then what they say. c. This can be its own number, but here as well. Lets us bring 6 people into Rumble. Sometimes friends want to see whose the best of the best and not play with randoms. While the risk is run that people may try to farm bounties and rep, by making this a custom game with rewards disabled you both allow people to do what was intended without any cheating as well. [b]2. Punishment System[/b] a. Have it so that if you leave a game(except for actual disconnects)(difficult to implement till disconnects are fixed) that you are banned for 5 minutes then 30 minutes and then an hour and finally the day. Far too often when playing skirmish do people end up leaving because they are losing. This takes much of the fun out of crucible. b. At first implement it if they actually press Y to go to orbit as well as displaying an are you sure message, you will not be able to enter crucible for X amount of minutes. c. People may shut off there Xbox to avoid this but that is far more hassle then the current state of people just leaving because there losing d. While emergencies may occur. The first ban is only 5-15 minutes so there will be no issue getting back on after your finished. This is for repeat offenders. Not the on a rare occasion people. Holding people accountable makes them far more cautious in decisions. As well a tally should be kept for people who do do this constantly so that they may receive a harsher penalty. [b]3. An in game ranking system[/b] a. An addition like this would breath much more life into the game increasing its replayablity 10x giving people something to strive for b. Have the top 100(or whatever designated brackets) each season earn special rewards such as weapons gear and vanity items [b]4. Improved Iron Banner[/b] a. The improvements on the second iron banner were better, but at the same time you were fighting mostly 28-30’s which then brings it back making it too evenly matched. Come on not only do people want to be snowflakes but they want to feel like gods. [b]5. Reduce the amount of special/heavy ammo[/b] a. It is far too easy to pick up special ammo any time I want. Making it more difficult would make it so people are much more choosy in what they do and that it’s not a shotgun fest on smaller maps b. The course of a game can be decided by heavy ammo control. While this is a tactical point in the game sometimes it is taken too far in making it completely one sided and games much too easy for whoever gets heavy. This is especially relevant in skirmish. [b]6. More Maps and Game modes [/b] a. Not all of which being paid dlc b. Combined arms is just two maps please don’t rehash content so much c. Refer to point 1 for custom games and using data for that to create more game modes. [b]7. Have a vendor like the Iron Banner all the time (Not the crucible vendor) with much harder to earn rep and better weapons.[/b] a. This vendor could potentially be the ranked game mode vendor [b]8. Kill Streaks[/b] a. Or at least have a mode with kill streaks activated. b. Getting 5 kills can get you a special ammo drop , 10 kills your super, 15 kills The Sword of Crota c. It can be any sort of reward those are just examples [b]9. MLG Mode[/b] a. No Radar. No Heavy weapons except for pick up(Having the gjallarhorn strategically placed somewhere on the map and only one person can grab it). Limited special ammo. Everyone starts with a specific loadout. [b]10. Rewards = Skill[/b] a. It would be nice if you were constantly in first you earned something rather then get something no matter where you are. This breeds the mentality that people can go afk in a game and get rewards. b. Even if this was only included in ranked/MLG mode that’s a start. [b]11. Forge[/b] a. I can't think of a better way to make a game last then letting us create our own maps and then have others play with us b. The maps that are good can be placed on a weekly playlist for all to try. This would not only bring variety to your game but also make each guardian feel that they a truly creating a legend to be told. [i][b]FAQ[/b][/i] 1. Why post this? a. We were all led to believe we were being given this grand game. I still hold on to the belief that it can turn it into that game. I’m doing all I can as a gamer to see this game progress and if it works that’s great; if not at least I know I tried and if this game ends up failing it was because of its own doing and nothing more 2. Where did you get all this information from? a. It was acquired from countless hours of play time, multiple characters, scouring the forums and talking to people from all over the world on xbox live as well as a background in game design, beta testing and being a lifelong gamer. 3. Do you actually see any of these ideas being implemented a. Yes and no. I will be creating another post from the perspective of Bungie that you may be interested in reading and you can get many of my thoughts from there. Link will be available soon Again I thank you all for taking the time to read my posts and I hope that Bungie hears us out. If you have any other ideas post them below and I will continue to compile them. If you have any questions or things you would like added to the FAQ section feel free to message me or post as well. See you on the Battlefield! [b]P.S.[/b] #Deej If you could let us know your listening and relaying these types of ideas that would be great. [b]P.P.S. [/b] These are in no particular order just as the ideas reached/hit me. [b]Link to PVE additions:[/b] [url=]A Guide To Changing Your Destiny (PvE Edition)[/url]

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