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AC World War 2 game setting

I found this very interesting article on Wikipedia. It is an Wikipedia article about a Jew group that called themselves "Avengers" that assassinated [url=]-godwinslaw!-[/url], whom had killed Jews during WW2. When they were assassinating them they never revealed their true identity or why they did assassinated them. Sometimes they just shot them in their head, and sometimes they even killed them bare handed. Now I don't think Ubisoft would say, let's make a game about an assassin Jew killing [url=]-godwinslaw!-[/url] etc. But it could be an idea on how it would look like. [b]Note: I don't think this source is 100% valid (not even 50% valid), but it is an interesting read. [/b] Here are some quotes: [quote]"Avengers killed only people who were directly involved in killing Jews. Initially, they shot them in the head, but later adopted the method of strangling with their own hands. The Avengers would not reveal anything to their targets before the execution – not who they were nor why they were killing them. They said the killing was like "a killing of an insect"."[/quote] [quote]"The most extremist group was the Nakam ("vengeance") Group. They numbered around 60 Jews who were former Partisans as well as other Jews who survived the Holocaust. The group arrived in Germany after the war in order to conduct more complicated and fatal vengeance operations. Their ultimate purpose was to execute an operation that would cause a broad international response that would be a warning to anyone who might consider trying to harm Jews again, as the [url=]-godwinslaw!-[/url] had."[/quote] What do you think of this?

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