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11/2/2014 6:11:28 PM

The Death of Destiny

Destiny has been one of the most groundbreaking FPS games in a long time. Unfortunately it will be a dying game in about 24 hours. Without additions to destiny like private lobbies and competitive play lists COD is going to wipe the floor with Destiny. Bungie tried to make an"Friendly" FPS with no trash talk or in game communication. Sorry but you failed. A game like this needs those aspects in order to breed teamwork, strategy, and new rivalries to get people to keep playing. Mechanically bungie did a great job with this game but unfortunately these poor decisions regarding PVP will be the down fall. Bungie I would highly suggest making fixes and updates within the week in order to stop the massive blood loss you are about to endure. COD is way to popular of a PVP for you guys to bring a knife like destiny to an RPG fight like COD.... Disappointing

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