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Bearbeitet von Ehko 2: 10/19/2014 1:50:42 AM

The Truth, Contacting Destiny Servers

Last night I finally got enough Strange Coins to make my first purchase from Xur for the Truth rocket launcher. As I had just bought Truth, I wasn't going to need my trusty blue one anymore. I went to dismantle my blue one but it didn't complete the operation properly. Thinking I maybe let go of the button too soon, I dismantled it again. To my unfortunate surprise, I got a higher amount than usual glimmer, weapon parts, and Ascendant Energy. I realized quickly that the Truth rocket launcher had been dismantled as well. I then also realized that there was a message at the bottom of my screen that said something to the effect of Contacting Destiny Servers. I realize that states that, "Bungie cannot provide the following services: Recovery of dismantled items Reset character features Transfer of items between platform accounts Reset or refund weapon and armor upgrades Refund currencies on accidental purchases Revert Exotic Bounty choices Restore deleted characters The choices you make in Destiny are often permanent. Please be careful when you perform any of the above actions." Which I understand and for the most part and agree with. However, in my situation it was something that had happened that was out of my control due a lag/connection issue. I won't go further into that because WE ALL KNOW that Destiny is plagued with them. What I am asking for here though, is to make it right. Did I purchase Truth? Yes I did. Did I then intend to dismantle the blue rocket launcher? Yes I did. When the first dismantle process didn't work, did I do it again for the blue rocket launcher? Yes I did. Did I ever want or intend to dismantle Truth IMMEDIATELY after I had purchased it? No, I did not. My point in all of this being, I understand the policy due to people dismantling things and then regretting it later on. But my situation was out of my control due the plagued Destiny connection issues. If things had happened differently and worked the way they were designed and intended in the first place, myself nor a lot of other customers would be here asking for support. I request compensation by one of the following; 17 Strange Coins, Truth, or Knucklehead Radar.

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