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7/8/2014 1:59:05 AM


The Clan is actually a inter-gaming clan/guild that allows players to play with the same people from this clan/guild on other games. This is a new guild/clan and there not many members so by being a member of this Clan, i will send you info about other games that we are involved in so far. We are mainly involved with PS4 games, but there are some pc games as well. IF you like play with a team, use strategy, communicate, being social, and hell just be apart of something, message me or become a member because the more people that are in this Clan the better. -(DEFY) your enemies, fight together, or not at all. Requirements: -Must be human -Must have a mic(as long as you work with the team i dont care if you have one) -Must have hit puberty(Not trying to be rude, but those high pitched voices do cause headaches) -Must have the love to play games
#Clans #defy

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