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Bnet Interviews: TrussingDoor

Where does TrussingDoor come from? [quote]I come from Fayetteville, North Carolina, AKA Shitsville USA.[/quote] (I actually asked him this hoping to get a story behind his username but you can't be too hard on those poor redneck southerners) How was your life growing up? (And how old are you now?) [quote]My life has been slow and dull. I've been a thinker since I was a little kid. I contemplate things. But I'm not and was not very responsible. I tended to get myself into bad situations acting on impulse. I'm 16.[/quote] (He's also related to OneDeadCaveMan... too soon?) What's the story behind TFS and its relation to "Orange Hurricanes?" [quote]I am not at liberty to discuss this with the press.[/quote] (He is mesmerized by his memories) When did you realize you were an atheist? Were you anything before that? [quote]I was raised a conservative christian. Went to church. Went to Youth Group. Had friends in Youth Group. Honestly, I think coming to Bnet, getting to meet people changed me. I stopped looking at gays and atheists as sinners. I just saw them as other people. I started resenting the things the bible told me. Why is sex wrong, if nobody gets hurt? What bothers god about it SO MUCH? What inherently makes homosexuality wrong? I needed reasons and I got none. I prayed and there was no answer. And it kind of grew and grew in the back of my head until one day I was playing Battlefield 3 and it just hit me out of the blue, "There is no God". I fell apart that week. I was deeply depressed for days. I spent hours on end just sitting in the shower. It was months before I truly got over it. I stayed with my youth group for a while in hopes of maybe going back to the way it was before, but eventually I gave up. There is no going back for me. So I embraced it, and I have never been the same since.[/quote] (Ex-conservative? Did not see that coming...) After the NSA scandal was revealed to the public, it gave many conspiracy theorists a sense of validity in their arguments. What secrets do you believe are still hidden by the government? [quote]I believe there is a combined effort by the government and the leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties to keep other political groups down. They want to keep the country split in two directions. Force us to choose between option A and option B, instead of working for the future that we really want. Communists, Libertarians, Socialists, anybody who isn't a Republi-blam!- or Democrap is oppressed in our country. Whether they realize it or not.[/quote] How do you feel about Democrats and Republicans: [quote]They are either fools or sheep. Nobody with a brain really agrees with the consensus of either party. Republicans are the dumber of the two, but that makes them easier to deal with. Democrats, usually, do even more to undermine your freedom and mine, because we take their opinions more seriously.[/quote] (Keep in mind he's made... more vulgar comments before ) Worst poster on Bungie: [quote]OneDeadCaveMan, he's a gutless dirt bag.[/quote] (I'm slightly confused by this.) Best poster on Bungie: [quote]N/A, everybody has flaws. Overall though, I think I have the most respect for Recon.[/quote] (Hold back your butt hurt Flood, seriously I already know what you're typing) Zoid, Harlow, SergeantFlood, and Jay walk into a room with you. They want to fight. Who wins: you or haters? (You have to understand that these people dislike him) [quote]I call upon the spirit of Friedrich Nietzsche to smite them with his mighty mustache.[/quote] (Definitely gay) Opinion on the webteam and the 2013 site update: [quote]The Ninjas are ok I guess, boobcat is cool and of course Recon. The others I don't really care about, I just wish they still cared about their jobs as moderators. They don't really seem to give a damn anymore. I don't really see much of the webteam. The update is shit, the site has gone to shit since the update, and if you like the update then you yourself are shit.[/quote] (Was hoping for more logic) Politically, where do you stand? [quote]I believe in the viability of a democratic nation with a lightly regulated capitalist economy. I think gun ownership is a right, for self defense, but I don't think owning a semi-automatic weapon based on a military rifle with a magazine that holds more bullets than you can count on your hand is a right. You do not need an AR-15 to defend yourself, and if you do you're probably defending yourself from other AR-15s. If it takes you six or more bullets to kill something, you've got a bigger problem on your hands than ammo count. I think hunting should be outlawed. I know this sounds odd considering I am for gun ownership, but still. If you really want to go out and kill something, even just a wild animal, for shits and giggles, you are messed up in the head. If your idea of fun is going out and murdering something that can't really defend itself, you need to be locked up for the safety of yourself and the general public. Beyond that, I won't pretend to know the solutions to society's problems, and anybody who claims they do is a liar.[/quote] And last but not least: How do you feel about the rampant shitposting and bad trolling, especially concerning religion and politics, that has come about since the update? [quote]It was always like this, only slightly less shitty.[/quote] And there it is, Flood: TrussingDoor.

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