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Full E3 Information Summary (from interviews)

[b][u]E3 Information Summary[/b][/u] No doubt a lot of this information will be confirmed on BNet - and could possibly change over time. For now though, this is a quick summary from all the different interviews found and linked on my original [url=]E3 Video Hub thread[/url]. (Click ~ for source) [url=]~[/url] No space combat [url=]~[/url] Alpha/Beta is highly likely [url=]~[/url] Race/Gender is purely cosmetic [url=]~[/url] PvE (Campaign) gear is usable in PvP (Matchmaking) [url=]~[/url] Class is a 'minor' choice to 'fine tune' your Guardian (reducing regret) [url=]~[/url] Gear/armor isn't just cosmetic, it also affects gameplay [url=]~[/url] No subscription model confirmed [url=]~[/url] Public/Private area HUD notification message (Not shown in E3 demo) [url=]~[/url] Everyone starts with a 'Ghost' companion (also [url=]customizable[/url]) [url=]~[/url] Weapons are not restricted to class (Any class can have any weapon) [url=]~[/url] Personal ship doubles as vehicle bay and storage [url=]~[/url] Players speeder bike called: "Sparrow" (Subject to change) [url=]~[/url] Peter Dinklage confirmed as 'Ghost' voice [url=]~[/url] Multiple characters per account confirmed [url=]~[/url] The game world is going to be [url=]HUGE[/url] and [url=]focused[/url] but not "[url=]empty[/url]" [url=]~[/url] Jupiter + Mercury confirmed; Could mean every planet is playable [url=]~[/url] All loot/rewards are Private (Loot isn't shared/fought over) [url=]~[/url] Theatre mode unconfirmed but regarded 'with a smirk' [url=]~[/url] Day/Night cycle has already been confirmed, now [url=]events[/url]? [url=]~[/url] 'You' are in cinematics (i.e. Reach) [url=]~[/url] FOTC: Forces of the City [Credit: [url=]Kempolazer[/url]] [url=]~[/url] The Fallen belong to multiple factions/houses [url=]~[/url] Bungie 'not talking about' other classes (vanguard confirmed?) [url=]~[/url] Glimmer confirmed as in-game currency [url=]~[/url] "Materials" confirmed (sourced 'in the world' and/or vendors) [url=]~[/url] Vendors confirmed! (Found "in the tower") [url=]~[/url] Weapon Progression can require 'Glimmer' and/or materials A super-big thanks to everyone who helped find this information and all the kind words - I hope this helps everyone out! Like the video hub - I'll update this post with more information as I, and others find it

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