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6/21/2024 4:23:52 PM

Witness may have been wrong about the winnower

First let's look at the witness. It was created from combining the minds of many and binding them in darkness. Before that it was a race with history mythology and many different opinions. So the question stands how much of that mythology did those that made up the witness believe. The winnower and Gardner are fundamentally a religious idea of creation and thus the lines of fact and fiction blur. The people who made the witness believe their creation myth and thus the witness gains that belief to. So question how much did the witness and it's race get right about creation and how much was wrong. My personal opinion is the veil and traveler was created to harness two powerful forces of the universe eons prior by a long forgotten people. And that the winnower and Gardner are but a creation myth that the witness truly believed. Remember the witness wasn't as powerful nor wise as it put on.
#lore #destiny2

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