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Destiny 2

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6/24/2024 2:36:49 AM

PSA: Quad perked reprised weapons from Enigma Protocol....

From the 1st or 2nd chest.... If you played season of the Splicer you should have a leg up for the traversal sections.... There is a time glitch, but you don't need it if you play fast and smart. Bust every gold node... The green buffs that look like orbs spawn "Timekeepers".... kill them for +30. If you make it to Boss, focus boss... there's no immunity mechanic, he just teleports around the space. You need like 90secs - 2 mins to make sure you can escape after you kill boss. Those are my tips, it's rough in regular matchmaking right now... I'd recommend a dedicated crew, Fireteam Finder, or Lfg... Otherwise, be happy with the 1st chest... then leave if your team doesn't focus boss or grab time. I like it, it's fun. Not a cake walk but not really that hard either. 😇👍💠

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