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6/24/2024 3:44:26 PM

Come Join an Elite & Friendly 18+ Mega clan where we all share the same backyard!!! [b]Calling on all (18+) Guardians across the solar system![/b] Aren't you tired of playing alone? maybe having trouble finding raid teams? Or maybe even having trouble with a dead server? Well look no further! We, in [url=][Ω] Devourers[/url], are excited to invite new players to join our ranks and be a part of an amazing Destiny 2 community. Your presence and input are invaluable in shaping the future of our clan and the game itself. We believe that every Guardian brings a unique perspective and experience to the table. Your ideas and suggestions will help us create a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and engaged. Whether you're a seasoned Veteran, a Current Farmer or just starting your journey, we encourage you to Actively participate in the server, Join events, and Have a good time. Together, we can explore new strategies, conquer challenges, and forge lasting friendships. [u]WHAT WE OFFER:[/u] - Better Raid/Dungeon PB’s for Active Members. - Teaching Raids and Dungeons to new players with our experienced Sherpa's.
  [Claim Your Sherpa Role(s) within the Sherpa Hub.] - All clan engrams weekly. - Trials, Iron Banner and Private matches as well as Server-wide events..
 - No discrimination or drama. Make sure to Read Rules after joining. [u][b]You could be only a few steps away from joining us within [Ω] Devourers... [/b][/u] -[b] Upvote & Comment [/b] on this forum post as it helps us grow (Thank you in advance) -[b]Join our Discord server[/b] - After joining, [b]Simply follow the welcome message steps[/b] & We’ll send you that Clan Invite.
 (Please keep in mind, you will not be able to see the rest of the server until the message steps are completed and you are invited into 1 of our 5 clans) [b]Let's embark on an epic adventure together and make Destiny 2 an unforgettable experience![/b]

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