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6/19/2024 4:45:02 PM

The final shape story does not make sense

This calcification thing is not what the original idea of the final shape was nor was it the witnesses original intent. The new writers seemingly dont understand nuance and thus, butchered the narrative. The witness wants a tended garden universe as opposed to the travellers, whatever goes, ideals. Life unchecked under the traveler can exist, but that means all forms of life exist. It also means that unnecessary suffering and pain exists. And there exists no true purpose. Just chaostic life. Life existing, simply to die or cause more suffering. A child born with cancer, living, only to die at 6. A rogue rock causing the end of entire species. That's pointless life. Cruel. The witness wants, as i stated, a tended garden. Life that is molded and cared for. As you do a beautiful garden at home. There is beauty, but it is orderly. Not confinded, but guided. Overgrown plants get pruned, pests and parasites removed. Sometimes entire plants removed to make way for better life. Or the garden can just grow, adding new life, preserving what is beautiful and purposeful. In this tended garded, there is no suffering. Life exists in perfect balance. In complete harmony, and can benefit the life around it. Having purpose. Sadly, the writers at bungie did a 180. Turning the witness that wants to take a chaotic garden and calcify it. Statues. A museum. Not a garden. Thats not life, that is death. The loss of life. I feel the story could have been far better and less saturated with contrived storytelling. There were no concequences. It reminded me of the last jedi and rise of Skywalker. Very simple, one two beats and an intense moment immediately followed by a resolution to whatever was the cause of said intensity. The first cutscene for example. The following is a somewhat in depth breakdown of the Witnesss previous actions, stated ideals and what we got instead. Established Philosophy and Actions of the Witness Dynamic Evolution and Perfection: Evolution Through Conflict: The Witness’s actions and dialogue in the lore emphasize a belief in evolution through conflict and survival. The concept of the "Final Shape" revolves around the idea that only the strongest, most resilient beings should endure. Selective Survival: The process of refining existence by testing and eliminating the weaker forms supports a vision of continuous improvement and dynamic equilibrium rather than stasis. Purpose of Destruction: Catalyst for Growth: The Witness and the forces of Darkness use destruction as a means to test the universe’s inhabitants, promoting a Darwinian philosophy where life forms are pushed to their limits to evolve and adapt. Refinement Not Stagnation: The intent behind this destruction is to refine life, ensuring that only those capable of overcoming challenges and suffering remain. This is inherently a dynamic process, not one aimed at achieving a frozen state of existence. Narrative Context and Oppositions: Conflict with the Light: The Guardians, empowered by the Light, represent the antithesis of the Witness’s vision. Their struggle is against the selective and destructive nature of the Darkness, defending a universe rich in diversity and potential for growth. Continuous Challenge: The narrative is built around ongoing challenges and the evolution of both the Light and the Darkness, underscoring a dynamic tension rather than a move towards stasis. Implications of a Pivot to Calcification Contradiction of Core Themes: Static Universe Inconsistency: A sudden shift to a goal of "calcifying" or freezing all existence would contradict the core themes of survival, adaptation, and continuous refinement that have defined the Witness’s philosophy. Misalignment with Actions: The Witness’s efforts to test and challenge the universe’s inhabitants would make little sense if its ultimate goal were simply to create an unchanging, static state. Narrative Disruption: Retcon Impact: Such a change would be seen as a retcon because it would retroactively alter the established motivations and goals of the Witness. This would disrupt the continuity of the story and undermine the previously laid foundation of its character and actions. Reader and Player Expectations: Fans and players who have followed the Destiny lore would likely see this as a disjointed shift, as it would not align with the Witness’s portrayal up to that point. Philosophical and Plot Incoherence: Philosophical Disconnect: The Witness’s philosophy has been consistent with a process of pruning and refining through conflict, a stark contrast to the idea of an eternal, unchanging universe. Plot Coherence: The plot, which revolves around the struggle between dynamic forces of Light and Darkness, would lose coherence if the Witness’s ultimate goal reversed.
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