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6/23/2024 5:02:45 PM

Come join The Brethren as we investigate the Echoes!

With the new Episode Echoes under way, join The Brethren as we travel back to Nessus! We are Accusers of The Brethren, and there has never been a better time to join our amazing group of guardians. With the Accusers of The Brethren, you will find more than just a network of clans. You will find a supportive and welcoming community that a new light or a veteran can call home! Our server of over 1500 guardians provides: Active PvP and PvE LFG channels Experienced and knowledgeable Sherpas for all Raids and Dungeons Monthly Challenges and rewards Helpful tutorials and Destiny resources Players on all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation and PC) Members from all time zones Dedicated and friendly Moderation staff Other than Destiny channels to meet new people and grow our community So if you are looking for an active team to help you achieve that shiny new weapon, need advice on your character build, or just want an awesome, friendly crew to enjoy the game with, join here If you have questions or need any help with getting started in the server please don’t hesitate to DM TheDreamWitch#2723 on Discord. Eyes Up Guardian. Home is with the Brëthrën.

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