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6/22/2024 10:03:47 PM

Anteater in Raids

For the past 6 months, Deep Stone Crypt, Vault of Glass, and some other raids have been dealing with the anteater error code during encounters with a high density of adds. During these encounters, when weapons like anarchy are used to spawn trap the doors to kill the enemies quicker, the error code will happen, causing the entire fireteam to be kicked from the activity. When trying to speedrun the raids, it is almost impossible to do these add-clearing encounters in their optimal way as it will result in the end of a run as well as the inability to complete the activity. We believe this is related to the XP gained from killing these adds quickly in relation to the weapons being used. Our team implores Bungie to address this issue so we may get back to doing what we love in the game.

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