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6/21/2024 1:12:53 AM

90 day wait for cross save really necessary?

I want to deactivate my cross save to unlink my old Steam account so I can hook up my new steam account. (The old one was shared with family and I wanted a new one to play destiny on my own account) I cant unlink yet because I purchased silver on my PS5 account (Which i mostly play) I had to wait 90 days before authenticating (Which I feel is silly) I have about 12 days left in that 90 days before I can authenticate and then disable cross save. Do I really have to wait another 90 days before linking my new Steam Account for cross save? It seems like a silly amount of time to wait. I want to make a ticket for it but I can only find very specific ticket requests that I can make and none of it is of the topic of Cross Save linking. Just seeing if there is a way to contact Bungie to be able to relink my cross save sooner when waiting 90 days (with the 12 days on top of that for getting silver on my PS5)

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